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SME Recognition Award (SMERA) 2015 : Theme

"Shaping up to the New Economic Landscape"

Malaysian SMEs have emerged as prominent players and contributors to the vibrant Malaysian Industries notwithstanding the many social and economic as well as political challenges. The globalized economy brought along changes and in a borderless business environment it will be a new game plan for trade and investment.

The age of innovation and rapid technology changes dawn on SMEs and the impact on Malaysian competitiveness have given Malaysian Entrepreneurs new motivation to re-invent and shape up its foundation to face new entrants into the market. Experience, skills and resilience will be tested for SMEs’ business sustainability.

Malaysian SMEs will need to match global competitors who will be highly “connected” in the new economic landscape. The force of emerging trends and initiatives will continue and Malaysian SMEs cannot remain in its present state or operate in the same traditional style. The need to gear up for competition, embed changes and the time is now, to SHAPE UP!